Today’s Favourite Painting


J. Breslin’s Central Park, 1934 ( from Twitter timeline of @albert_cunill )

Painted before the world was lost to the insanity of WWII, although Europe was sadly moving down the road into that nightmare, I love this painting because of its modernity. The clean cut style is one that appeals to me (I like the works of Edward Hopper for the same reason).

For a long time I wanted to go to New York and see that skyline, plus stroll through the Central Park of so many movies I’ve loved, but the Northern Hemisphere is  a long way from New Zealand and I don’t like flying anymore, with every news clip of a drunken pilot staggering through baggage making it less likely. Perhaps, I’m thinking, I won’t bother.

Looking at this morning’s sunrise in the Mahau, home is probably enough.



3 thoughts on “Today’s Favourite Painting

  1. Mark, thrilled to see your name again…and love to know you’ll be around… and love this painting… the subtle colours, the tracery of the trees, the elegance of the man-made skyline, the sculptured rocks… and the splashes of colour of the period clothes … the word subtle is what keeps coming to my mind as I gaze at this elegant painting ( elegance being the other word that comes to mind).
    Mahau Sound looks… un-leavable !!!!

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    1. You’ve made my day, Valerie. My favourite blogger of all time commenting on my new blog. Funny old life, however, we’re on our way out, busy until Sunday night, so I’ll come back to this then. But love having you here.


      1. No, I do have a little time. To only find I said everything. Chuffed you’re here Valerie. I’ve still got a lot to learn with WordPress, however. If it were not for the fact your two comments were emailed to me, they would never have appeared here, and it took a long time to find them in moderation (which I hope I’ve turned off).

        I’ll end on a coincidence. Your kintsugi post (and thereby your blog) are in my first post to go up next week 🙂


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