Have You Been to Venice?



No, I haven’t either, and I’m so busy with the demands of the day job, plus moving house mid-March from Geraldine up to the Mahau Sound, New Zealand, permanently, I won’t be going to Venice (anytime soon), nor blogging (probably), until April.

If you’re interested, painter Guido Borelli was born in 1952 in Caluso, Italy; as far as I know he’s still creating beautiful paintings such as the subject of this post, which it won’t surprise you is called ‘Venice’.


4 thoughts on “Have You Been to Venice?

  1. I take it you’re talking about packing … good luck !!!

    So disappointed to think this is the last of your must-read posts. Sad to think we won’t have any more stimulating , intriguing and sometimes slightly acerbic posts – always hugely enjoyable to read such deeply felt stuff/posts.
    Best wishes until the next time, Valerie

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    1. I haven’t stopped Valerie! Just got to get the (financial) year’s work finished, then pack a whole house – which is a double house lot so we’ll end up giving some of it away (somewhere). I’ll be back on board by end of March 🙂


  2. Good luck with all the moving and packing. You should go to Venice soon. It’s sinking by the year, especially with those monster cruise ships coming so close and shoving more water into a place that is always on the edge of a flood. I was shocked when I was there a couple of years ago to see a giant electronic billboard–and I do mean giant–in St Mark’s square. No such atrocity was there my first time visiting. So go now! 🙂

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    1. 🙂 thanks Lydia. Hadn’t realised the damage cruise ships were doing, but can understand it. The ferry service between Wellington and Picton (in NZ) has had to halt the speed of the ferries because of the damage the bow wakes were having on the Queen Charlotte Sound, and even the mussel boats in our Pelorus Sound do damage when coming and going on the high tide.

      Would certainly love to see Venice before it sinks.

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