Heavy Weather…


If contemporary British painter, Sarah Spencer, could promise me that brooding, moody weather, I’d book our next holiday afar to Morston in Norfolk. I love that seascape.

I spent two great years living in a bach at Banks Peninsula’s Birdlings Flat, (New Zealand), and its desolate loneliness was beautiful.

Exquisite (even).


Kaikoura’s own hermit, Pete, says this about loneliness:

A lot of people ask me if I get lonely. But loneliness is just a feeling. It’s no big deal. For a lot of people, it’s as if loneliness is some sort of fearful creature, but it’s not. At the entrance [of temples in Thailand, there are] creatures that look incredibly demonic and fearful, but they’re just the guardians of the temple. And I think loneliness is a bit like that – one of the guardians that has to be encountered and then, gradually, it turns into a friend – an extraordinary friend. It doesn’t have to be escaped from.

Another word to nod your head toward from time to time is solitude.


We have half our Geraldine house in boxes and two-thirds of the office. On March 16 we head up to our new permanent digs, previously our holiday home, in the Mahau Sound, and we’ll find some welcome solitude for stretches at a time, some of it stretched around bottles of wine. Queens chain aside, we have our own beach, because we love beaches, oceans, seascapes, although our beach doesn’t look like this one in France painted by Pierre – safe to assume, a Frenchman – de Clausade, with that awesome, desolate, heavy weather again:



2 thoughts on “Heavy Weather…

  1. Just discovered this in my in-box – so full and daunting that I shirk looking at it !!!

    I simply love the paintings, especially Sarah Spencer’s glorious Norfolk sky… love it that she painted it ‘straight’ not cubist or modernist or any other ‘ist’. Do you know Rowland Hilder, sometimes called a modern Turner… his atmospheric paintings make me yearn for an English autumn or winter, much as Samuel Palmer’s delicious Shoreham corn fields and fat sheep under the moonlight ravish me too…

    Your “retirement possie sounds wonderful, including the wine and the views…solitude is what we have too in our forest, except for friends dropping in – if they know the gate code ! Hope the next ten days go smoothly..Valerie.

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    1. Aren’t both of these paintings great. No, not heard of Hilder; will be looking into though.

      A friend on Facebook read this blog and posted a picture of Morston: he lives half an hour up the road (and he’s one of my favourite writers) 🙂

      We’re going to get a gate in Sounds; not to keep people out, however, just Daisy dog in.

      Would love to see your forest hide-away.

      Mrs H and I on martini four: bad, bad, bad.

      But happy also 🙂


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