Progress Report: Vegetable Garden.

Art - Giuseppe Arcimboldo - L'ete - 1573

The feature painting is by Guiseppe Arcimboldo: it’s called L’ete, and painted in 1573. We can take it as read Guiseppe was a vegetable man.

Updating my Gardening Art post, we (three helpers and yours truly) have filled my vegetable frames – well, I didn’t build them, one of the helpers with more clues than I did – with a purchased mixture of dirt and compost. Fair to say it was labourous, taking us an entire day because, unfortunately, I bought sticky dirt that had to be helped down the chute: every single damned sod.

Garden - Mahau

Remaining to do is to build (well, it’s contracted, also) the glasshouse on top of the far, U-shaped frame, then plumb in a new outside tap pumped from our two 9,000 litre rain water tanks for an automatic watering system.

There’s only one glitch with this veritable Garden of Eden: it’s struck me, too late, that my dastardly good plan of waist high vegetable gardening has a flaw: I’m going to need a ladder to pick vertical vegetables such as tomatoes, broad beans and corn, and I don’t have a head for heights. Proving no matter what you do, there’s always a snake in any garden laughing at you: let’s call it swedenfreude.

And with that dreadful vegetable neologism I’ll wander off with my blisters into wine night Friday, leaving you with Guiseppe’s 1573 painting – a good year for vegetables, obviously – L’automn, which I’d hazard a guess means autumn (interpreted via vegetables), but I prefer to call it Old Potato Head:

Art - Guiseppe Arcimboldo - L'automn = 1573

Sorry, will have to leave Winstanley of Jeymar for my next post …


7 thoughts on “Progress Report: Vegetable Garden.

  1. Ha ha! Never thought about that height problem but you have a good point. Maybe you can grow indeterminate tomatoes and let the vines casdade downward. Good luck!

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  2. We have six quails who visit regularly and feast on the bird seed for green finches… we love them….. but twenty… that would be a problem… funnily enough I had already wondered how you were going to reach your green beans!

    Those seventeenth century still lives are amazing… though I prefer less grotesque versions of luscious grapes and fruit…but such clever conceits… the wheat ears for a lacy ruff, and the mushroom for an ear to name only two ..

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    1. The quail now come each day from the bush below the house, they walk up the track along the side of the house, then queue (actually queue 🙂 ) to use the steps up to the top balcony, single file, then walk up to their bird bath 🙂


    1. Pauline didn’t think much of it, but I adored it. Yes, like you, need to watch again, especially the last twenty minutes, although I think I basically grasp it.

      Everything about the movie was perfection: the sound on my cinema system was best of movies I’ve seen for years (had to turn it down for Daisy dog), cinematography great, and a story that was conceptual and refused to be ‘easy’. Brilliant stuff.


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