My Submission to the Health Committee on the Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Amendment Bill.


Submission to the Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Amendment Bill.

21 March 2018

To the Members of the Committee.

It is important for me to submit in support of this bill, and to support considerably liberalising and widening it, but my job, and time taken to submit in support of David Seymour’s Choice in Dying euthanasia bill, plus a submission to the Tax Working Committee, has taken all my spare time.

Therefore this can only be short, and I make it simply to register in the count for the affirmative. Medicinal cannabis should be widely and cheaply available. This bill goes nowhere near far enough: the terminally ill and those in chronic pain should be able to grow their own product: period. Doctor prescribed opiates are the number one killer in the US, and I suspect across the West. The pain relief from cannabis is in my opinion/experience way superior, without the addiction of opiates, and without the dreadful side effects of opiates including morphine which destroy your internal organs and turn you into a zombie with prolonged use. So just do it, for the sake mainly of rights, but also science, reason and compassion. And allow grow your own: Chloe Swarbrick’s bill, which the tyranny of 144 MPs in the Fortress of Legislation and Regulation decided we were not even allowed debate on, was superior to this watered down, pretty pathetic Labour effort.

Actually, I just wish we could grow up as a country and the conservative crusaders holed up in the Fortress viewing everything through their archaic God-goggles – and there’s way too many of them across all parties – would give individuals back rights over their own bodies: I fail to see why 144 members of parliament – whom many times refuse to represent the wishes of their voters, sic the over 70% of us who want euthanasia law – get to decide such important inalienable rights as this and our right for euthanasia, etc. It defeats me. Smoking a joint at night is better for my body than drinking a bottle of wine: so as well as legalising medicinal use and grow-your-own, just legalise cannabis for recreational use also, and you will find as well as the dignity and necessity of treating voters like adults, you solve a bundle of problems from gang violence to being able to treat drugs as a health issue and thus weaning people off the dreadful hard drugs such as meth, which is currently cheaper than cannabis due to the monopoly prohibition has given to organised crime.

Widen the scope toward Swarbrick’s bill; do it … please.

Mark D Hubbard


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