Tales of Insanity from NZs Anti-Money Laundering Legislation. III.


And ….


And so now it all goes to shit. This is now how every single little house sale goes: just back from the real estate agent:

‘Dear Mark.

Many thanks for your help. All I require now is a passport and a utility bill showing your physical address for you and Pauline Wendy Hub bard as directors of the Hub bard Trustees Ltd. These documents require to be verified by a Lawyer JP
And e-mailed to me.
Kind regards.’
And my reply:

Forgive my French, Mrs. X, but this b*****y AML has made my life hell: that’s why I’m desperately trying to retire from all trust work.

You don’t need that information just to list the house. We are only the independent trustee with no beneficial interest in the [this client’s]  trust. You only need that JP verification of our passports after an offer has been accepted, and for the LINZ electronic transfer form for settlement.

Please note we live remotely in the Marlborough Sounds. For us to be witnessed by a JP means we lose an entire day travelling out of the Sound – and frankly I know it’s not your fault and we will have to do this at the end of the day, but I resent this because it’s a privacy intrusion on myself and Pauline, our birthdates, etc, are all on our passports (and again, we do not have a beneficial interest in this trust). If you are going to require that just to list this house – and I repeat you do not need to – then you need to ring [our mutual client], get him to contact his lawyer, and do an interim and expensive conveyance out of Hubbard Trustees Ltd so we can retire before this house is sold. Pauline and I are run off our feet as we near our extension of time and can’t just take a day off so you can advertise a house for which we are only the independent trustee. You only need that identification of our passports once sold, and for LINZ for settlement. Believe me, with the hell this dreadful legislation is giving me, I know it well; I recommend you send this to your lawyer.

So – smiley face – are you going to list the house? Nothing personal, but I hope you can see why I’m at my wits end here.

Regards Mark




End Note: I ended up spending a whole afternoon on email arguing this; Harcourts will not list this house unless Pauline and I lose a day to be witnessed by a JP, even though as the independent trustee we have no beneficial interest in this house: just to list. And then to settle we’ll have to do it all over again.

The AML is an intrusive, way, way overboard, expensive police state monstrosity. I can’t even express how angry I am.


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